BNSF is always looking for innovative ways to enhance safety on the rails. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Brotherhood of Railway Carmen (BRC) to expand our Brake Health Effectiveness Program (BHE), which relies on new thermal detector technology to better monitor braking systems to maintain a safe rail network.

As trains roll past, wayside detectors measure and analyze the temperature of the railcar wheels to ensure the braking system is functioning properly. This innovative technology leads to improved brake health monitoring, minimized service interruptions, and enhanced safety.

Through our pilot run on the Southern Transcon route, we have already witnessed remarkable results. BHE boasts a 5% detection rate per cars inspected, a significant leap compared to a mere 0.04% through manual inspections. Not only does this translate into a safer network, but it also saves an average of 40 minutes of inspection time per train, ensuring faster, more efficient service for our valued customers.

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