BNSF team members flexed their innovation muscles at the eighth annual Trackathon, a marathon-of-the-mind competition that showcases unique employee talent and inspires creativity across the company. The 2022 theme was sustainable business innovation. During the three-day event, BNSF teams came up with prototype technology solutions to address real business challenges. To date, our Trackathons have yielded over 60 prototypes with five patents attained and three more pending! Any BNSF employee can participate. In 2022, 75 employees on 10 cross-functional teams entered the competition and were placed on teams with other employees outside their normal working groups to tackle three sustainability themed challenges.

“Trackathon is a great way to showcase the extensive talent pool of BNSF and the laser focus our team members have in solving some of the most challenging problems we face as a company,” Asim Ghanchi, our Assistant Vice President of Technology Services, said. “It’s our version of American Idol, but with a goal of fostering an environment for generating creative and innovative solutions.”

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