A 25-year BNSF employee, Edvard Tumbas, is instrumental in ensuring the reliability and innovation of the Positive Train Control (PTC) system, which plays a crucial role in safety and efficiency across the BNSF network. Tumbas serves as the senior PTC manager of Field Operations – Network Control Systems. He began his journey with PTC in 2012, witnessing its evolution from the concept stage to its current status as one of the most advanced train control systems in the world.

Tumbas’ dedication involves internal collaboration, troubleshooting, testing, and refining the system to seamlessly integrate it with other safety measures. Beyond his professional endeavors, Tumbas enjoys restoring violins and fly-fishing, which showcases the patience and problem-solving skills critical to his work. Ultimately, Tumbas’ commitment contributes to a safer environment both on and off the job, one project and fishing trip at a time.

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